Horizon Nutri-tech

Horizon Nutri-tech was born complete from the union between:

Agricultural technicians and an exceptional team of biologists, chemists and agronomists (with extensive experience in leading international companies) contributing more than 20 years of experience in the cultivation of medicinal plants.

This, added to an extensive database, collected over the years under different cultivation parameters, leads us to understand the exact needs of the plant in each phase of the crop.

Constantly in our MD facilities we seek improvement and innovation in plant nutrition. All this plus the concern to seek excellence in terms of the quality of the final result, have led us to form a great work team in this ambitious project.

We have bio-stimulants, bio-nutrients, soil improvers and mineral fertilizers of the highest quality, all processed under the strictest quality controls and using the latest extraction and purification processes. Technologies that allow us to offer our customers high purity agro nutrients.


We provide you with recommendations for an optimal fertilization plan in any type of soil, both indoors, greenhouse or open field, and adapted to any genetics according to the need or nutritional status of the plant. Based on state-of-the-art scientific analytical methods.

We supply fertilizers of the highest quality tailor-made for each customer. In this way, it will only apply precisely what the plant needs to reach its maximum absorption potential, being able to anticipate possible nutritional deficiencies from 20 to 30 days and, at the same time, ensuring that the plant has its immune system at its maximum ability.

The resulting plants will be resistant to pests and pathogens, while their production potential will be optimal. With our system you can dramatically reduce fertilizer costs and at the same time increase yields by 30%.

  • We provide, according to the typology and stage of development of the crop, a complete fertilization calendar, achieving the optimal values of nutrition and application in each farm or plot.
  • Interpretation, diagnosis, and solution / correction of field test results (soil, water, tissue).
  • Satellite monitoring of the status of your crops. (For large areas).
  • Soil paramagnetism.
  • We analyze Co2 flow in soil.


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