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Plug Plants

Simply the best way to clone and germinate seeds.



Our Preform Plugins are the perfect propagation medium for both seed germination and cutting rooting clons.

An exclusive formula, a mixture of peat of the highest quality + trichodermas + organic binder, together with the optimal proportion of aeration and humidity, offer a homogeneous, compact and pathogen-free Plug.

Both for large-scale production in nurseries, and for the small producer of plant, we can supply our Plugs in different types of trays, 60 cavities, 84 cavities, 104 cavities, 150 cavities.

– Rootting in less time.

– Roots with a greater number of capillaries thanks to our exclusive formula in the mixture of peat + trichodermas.

– Organic 100%.

– Free of pathogens.

– Optimal proportion of aeration and humidity.

– Always fresh product, for better conservation the trays come thermo-sealed individually.

The best and most reliable means of propagation, reducing costs, time and losses.