The basis of a successful finish is undoubtedly an explosive beginning in the root mass.

Rootikal + Capillary Stretch up, is the perfect combination to achieve it.

Rootikal 1,5mil/L + Capillary 2mil/L in irrigation application, being able to apply up to a maximum of 2 times a week.

Rootikal, will give us a boost when it comes to forming main roots, in addition to providing amino acids, polysaccharides, phosphorus + macros and micronutrients. We will also see it reflected in the aerial part of the plant, providing greater vigor.

We will achieve a spectacular root mass, white, healthy roots, with great thickness, as well as a number of impressive absorbent capillaries.

It should be emphasized that the absorbent capillaries (secondary hairs) is where the plant absorbs 90% of the nutrients, they play a fundamental role in the nutrition of the plant.

These have a life of approximately between 2 and 3 weeks, depending on factors such as correct humidity of the medium, temperature of the substrate and ambient temperature.

Capillary Stretch up, regenerates and recovers absorbent capillaries in a spectacular way. Greater number of capillaries, healthier roots, greater plant growth and more demand for plant nutrients, this translates into higher final production.

Capillary Stretch up, in foliar application, favors elongation (stretching of the plant). This can be interesting depending on the type of genetics with which we work, since we can control their height in case of being short-structured genetics.

It favors the recovery of the plant in processes of biotic and abiotic stress.


G-Mothers: Thanks to the data and experience provided over the years by professional producers, under different growing conditions, both in media (soil, coconut, hydroponic) and in different ranges of temperatures, humidities, we have perfectly understood the needs at the time of creating a fertilizer specifically designed for elite mother plants.

The balanced contribution of NPK plus a balanced contribution of micronutrients will make the mother plants true champions when it comes to producing shoots.

Both the nutritional health of the plant, as well as the periods of stress suffered and the recovery of these, after the cuttings of shoots, defoliation, will mark the starting point for a successful cloning.

On the one hand, an excess of nitrogen is proven to affect the formation of roots, this is due to the relationship between nitrogen and the content of carbohydrates.

On the other hand, the stress suffered by the plant causes its immune system to weaken, as well as the homogeneity and quality of these shoots.


G-Mothers brings us:

-Perfect balance of NPK + Micros achieving more branched plants and larger diameter.

-Compact growth.

-Spectacular formation of new shoots.

Rapid recovery from the stress suffered after the cuttings of shoots, defoliation, as well as stress due to changes in temperatures and periods of drought.

Without hesitation, we have the best product on the market for the maintenance of elite mother plants.

Growth is specifically developed for the entire vegetative phase and pre-flowering, the first 3 weeks of the flowering cycle.

We will obtain plants with a compact structure, without deficiencies and with a short internodal distance.

In the pre-flowering phase, it notably increases the number of new shoots, as well as the earliness of flower formation, preparing the plant for a second successful flowering phase.


Vegetative phase

Combining Capillary Stretch up 2mil / L (in irrigation) + Resin Anti -Stretch 0,2mil / L (foliar) in the vegetative phase, we will achieve bushier plants with a shorter structure.

Working with lower temperatures in the aerial part, 20º / 22º daytime temperature, 17º / 19º night temperature, will help the plant to have the shortest internodal distance, this can be interesting in the varieties that after the change of cycle tend to double its size.

Working with soil temperatures as close to room temperature but not exceeding 21º / 23º also helps considerably to avoid stretching the plant. For cold soils with our Aminolimit product you can raise the temperature in your substrate by 2º / 3º.

Applying these 2 climatic strategies will allow us to avoid the stretching of the plant with the result of being able to create the desired structure of the plant through the corresponding pruning without stretching it and at the same time we will achieve that all the plant mass used in growth vertical will be compensated in the fattening of the branches.

It is interesting when low-bearing genetics are used and it is of interest that the structure is larger.

Capillary Stretch up 2mil / L (foliar) + Aminolimit 0,3mil / L (irrigation).

Capillary stretch up, in foliar mode lengthens the internodal distance, while Aminolimit among its many functions, activates energy absorption, as well as cation exchange capacity, the plant receives an incredible energy injection.

25º / 27º daytime temperature and 17º / 20º night temperature, these thermal differences around 7º / 9º will favor the elongation (stretching) of the plant, which can be very useful in case of genetics with short structure and we are interested in working them with greater height or Depending on the type of technique used, for scrog, it could be very useful, the time to weave the branches through the mesh would be shortened by a few days.


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